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The Exeter Osteopathic Clinic, now known as West Country Osteopaths, specialises in the Osteopathic treatment of lower back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and related headaches.

West Country Osteopaths is owned by Robin Adams - a practicing osteopath since 2000. West Country Osteopaths origins can be traced back to 1996, originally operating as Littleham Osteopathic Clinic in Exmouth, which was aquired by Robin Adams in 2005. The practice has now expanded into Exeter and Ottery StMary having taken over the Exeter Osteopathic Clinic originally operated by Susan Farwell and then Jonathan Boxall. The current premises, near the Clocktower in New North Road were refurnished and opened in 2011, and now boast high standards for both patients and practitioners.

Our aim is always to achieve the highest standards of osteopathic care. To this end, all practitioners are registered with the General Osteopathic Council, fully insured, and maintain a high standard of knowledge and training.

It is always our intention to maintain high standards of professionalism in all areas, especially those areas that directly affect our clients. In addition to our high osteopathic care standards, we also mainatain a clean, comfortable environment in our waiting room and clinic rooms coupled with a professional reception service. Clients are always sent appointment text message reminders via mobile phones to help make things easy.

The Exeter clinic  is located near the clock tower in the centre of the city at Station Masters House, with convenient parking nearby at the Queen St Isca Car Park. It has a comfortable and beautifully decorated waiting room and the treatment rooms are clean and newly equipped, providing an ideal environment for effective Osteopathic treatment.

The practice offers the latest osteopathic techniques as well as Cranial and Classical Osteopathy that treats the whole patient, ensuring the best possible effects on all the joints and parts of the body.

As a patient you will receive a careful and sympathetic interview, allowing a clear understanding of the issues at hand in order to give accurate and effective treatment tailored to your individual needs. The treatment will always take account of your needs and preferences, and it is optional whether you remain fully clothed for treatment.

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Katrina Knighton
Katrina Knighton
Katrina Knighton

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