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Katrina KnightonRobin Adams is  a Principal Partner at West Country Osteopaths and Littleham Osteopathic clinic in Exmouth. He has been an osteopath for more than ten years having qualified at the College Of Osteopaths in London. Robin moved to Devon from London in 2006, and he and his partner Allison have subsequently  grown their family and now have two young boys.

Robin is an accomplished structural osteopath and believes that most people can benefit from osteopathy, in maintaining and caring for all of their joints.  "Most people care for their health sufficiently to attend dental health check ups regularly, yet far more people have to take time off work for their back ache, than they do for their teeth".

In therapy, Robin's earlier career in engineering has led to a passion for biomechanics, which helps him in achieving optimal joint function and efficiency for his patients. The body is a wonderfully balanced mechanism of interconnected structures. He sees his role as maintaining this delicate balance as well as ensuring that all of the joints and tissues are able to function to their best ability.

In spending many clinical years dealing with biomechanics, Robin has become a specialist in the feet and is fascinated by the integral link between foot function and how it affects the spine, hips and knees. He employs digital gait scanning technology as an aid in assessing foot function. 

Above all as an osteopath, Robin believes in seeing the client as an individual, finding techniques that clients are comfortable with and absolutely giving the best possible treatment and advice. 

Robin's areas of clinical interest:

  • Long term back and neck ache
  • Painful foot conditions
  • Orthotic insoles
  • Hypermobility syndrome
  • Sports injuries
  • Work related conditions

Outside of osteopathy, Robin enjoys coastal sailing and playing guitar.

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