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Exeter Osteopathic Clinic Testimonials

Jonathan Bosley

"Jonathan has made a great difference to my life, I keep expecting pain and now there is none. I kick myself to think that I have put up with acute back pain for so long. If you suffer with lower back pain I seriously suggest that you make an appointment to see Jonathan."

Jonathan Bosley – Photographer - Newton Abbot

Linda Bennet

"Once again Jonathan has helped me with the achey jaw which crept back, despite my trying not to grit my teeth when I'm stressed!

If you have any pain - niggly or major - I would recommend a visit to Jonathan at Exeter Osteopathic Clinic. He is gentle and kind - but most importantly, he definitely has healing hands.

It gives me such peace of mind knowing that Jonathan can help (seemingly) with such ease - and going to him for treatment doesn't break the bank either."

Linda Bennet – Marketing Consultant - Exeter

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